The Counseling Process

I view the counseling process as forming an alliance with a client to explore the nature of his or her concerns.

My theoretical orientation leads me to focus on the relational issues in a client's life. I am trauma informed in my approach. I am a Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) Professional, specializing in adoption and foster-care relationships. Additionally, I have completed post-graduate credentialing in Attachment-Trauma for Foster/Adopted Children.I work with past harm and abuse and seek to provide both understanding and relevant resources for overcoming harm. I am passionate about how trauma affects attachment in marriage as well as in parenting relationships. 

As a Christian counselor, I believe that people were created to relate meaningfully with God, self, and others. The source of much joy and much pain grows out of how we relate to one another. All people are comprised of both dignity and depravity, and we will explore how these both affect a client's soul and relationships.Together we will explore the unique chapters of the story that have brought the client to the place he or she is currently. We then form a treatment plan to arrive at the counseling objectives.